LBMS Bands

Mr. Scott Rovniak

May 2017- Wow !! This year has passed quickly.  Music ala Mode is Saturday May 13th.  Students need to dress up and be ready 20 minutes before their performance time.  No Jeans or tennis shoes.  Look nice. 


Congrats to the Music In Our Schools Month Grand Prize luncheon winners-

Ryan Forshey, Danya Mustafa, Sabreen Zayed, Katharine Xiou, Isabella Stokes, Jackie Wong, and Claire Summers.  We enjoyed a nice lunch at Crocker Park !!


The Seventh Grade Band is currently finishing up Book 2 of Essential Elements.  Weekly practice is VITAL for a good grade this year.  Many students are struggling with fundimentals and need to consider private lessons to build up their skills. Taped grading will continue until June.  Refine TONE, dynamics, rhythm reading, and articulation. 


Summer Band & Jazz 2017-  The Summer Band is for 5th and 6th graders- but Summer Jazz is for interested 7th and 8th graders who want to explore some jazz literature for 9 days in July.  We will have Summer Jazz & Blues Improv at LBMS July 10-20th from 10:30am- 12 Noon.  Get a yellow for to register.



The Eighth Grade Band had a tremendous year.  They played a huge volume of literature- and will be sending a big freshmen class into our HS band next year !! Truly Awesome.





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