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Reading and Supply Lists

To help prepare your child for a successful school year, it is important that your child is equipped with the appropriate school supplies, as well as sharpened academic skills.
Click on the building icon below to view the appropriate school supply lists, assigned summer reading and optional activities for review and enrichment.
Please contact your child's school for questions.

 WCSD Reading and Supply Lists

collapse Building : Bassett (1)
BassettSupplyLists.pdfBassett Supply List 2016-17
collapse Building : Dover (2)
DoverGifted 201617.pdfDover Gifted Supply List 2016-17
DoverSupplyList.pdfDover Supply List 2016-17
collapse Building : Dover Intermediate (2)
DIS_FifthGRADESUPPLYLIST201617.pdfDIS Supply List 2016-17 Grade 5
DIS_SixthGRADESUPPLYLIST201617.pdfDIS Supply List 2016-17 Grade 6
collapse Building : Hilliard (12)
1st supply list.pdfHilliard Supply List 2016-17 Grade 1
2ndgrade.pdfHilliard Supply List 2016-17 Grade 2
3rd supply list.pdfHIlliard Supply List 2016-17 Grade 3
4thgradesupplylist.pdfHilliard Supply List 2016-17 Grade 4
fulldayKG.pdfHilliard Supply List 2016-17 Full Day KG
halfdayKG.pdfHilliard Supply List 2016-17 Half Day KG
HI_MathActivitiesGrade3.pdfMath Activities Grade 3
HI_MathActivitiesGrade4.pdfMath Activities Grade 4
HI_MathActivitiesKindergarten.pdfMath Activities Grade Kindergarten
HI_MathActivitiesPreschool.pdfMath Activities Grade Preschool
HI_MathActivitiesGrade1.pdfMath Activities Grade 1
HI_MathActivitiesGrade2.pdfMath Activities Grade 2
collapse Building : Holly Lane (5)
Gifted Program Supplies2016-2017.pdfHolly Lane Supply List 2016-17 Gifted Program
Supply List 2016-17 Grades 1-3.pdfHolly Lane Supply List 2016-17 Grades 1-3
Supply List 4th grade 2016-2017.pdfHolly Lane Supply List 2016-17 Grade 4
Supply List Kindergarten 2016-2017 Full and Half Day K.pdfHolly Lane Supply List 2016-17 Full Day KG
Supply List Kindergarten 2016-2017.pdfHolly Lane Kindergarten 2016-2017 Supply List
collapse Building : LBMS (3)
LBMSFrenchSupplylist.pdfLBMS French Supply List
LBMS_7thgradeSupplyList2016.pdfLBMS Supply List 2016-17 Grade 7
LBMS_8thgradesupplylist2016.pdfLBMS Supply List 2016-17 Grade 8
collapse Building : WHS (3)
WHSSummerReading.pdfWHS Required Summer Reading All Subjects 2016-17
WHSSummerTimeTechnologyEngineeringreadingsummary.pdfWHS Tech & Reading Summary 2016-17
WHSSummerTimeTechnologyEngineering2016CenturyGothic.pdfWHS Tech & Eng Reading/Activity 2016-17
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