Invention Convention

Dare to INVENT
Set your IMAGINATION Free!
Kick Off Assembly:  Student and Parents
October 21, 2015
6:00pm at Parkside School
The mission of Invention Convention is to inspire curiosity, confidence, invention and creative problem-solving in our youth.  The goals of Invention Convention are to enhance student performance in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. 
Invention Convention is operated by a nonprofit (501c3) organization that provides free curriculum to school districts throughout the state and hosts Regional Competitions in the Southwest, Northeast and Central regions of Ohio.  Because of its popularity and alignment with Ohio’s New Learning Standards, the program has grown significantly over the past several years.  More than 100 Ohio school districts will participate in the program this year.
The Invention Convention is designed to expose students in grade K-8 to multiple problem-solving methods, us real-life skills that will lead to exceptional careers! 
The student inventive process focuses on:
1.       Identifying a Problem
2.       Problem–Solving and Critical-Thinking processes to Solve the Problem
3.       Developing the Invention Idea and Designing a Prototype of the Solution
Students participate in Westlake's Invention Convention Fair on January 23, 2016,  where prototypes, journals, and research are shared with judges.  Once judging is complete, the top students from the school district will be entered into the Regional Invention Convention Fair at Cuyahoga VAlley Career Center on April 30, 2016.  These district finalists compete for college scholarships & awards – more the $30,000 per year awarded to the top inventors and an award to a Teacher of Excellence in each region.  Your students could even be featured in the local news or even on a National Talk Show!
Please contact your building principal or gifted specialist to learn how to get involved in Invention Convention.
Dover Elementary, Mrs. Mattingly                         Dover Intermediate School, Mrs. Dill


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