Welcome to Dover Intermediate School (DIS),

Summer is flying by and we are getting ready for an exciting year at DIS!

We are fortunate to have an engaged PTA at DIS. DIS is a completely different school experience from elementary school, for both parents and students. As students transition to DIS, they begin to realize that they are expected to become more independent and self-directed. Parents suddenly realize that the opportunities to volunteer in their child's class aren't there anymore. This is where PTA involvement becomes so important.  We work collaboratively with the Principal and staff to discover the best ways to maximize the DIS experience for our children and step in to volunteer when help is needed and appreciated most. Your involvement in PTA can be minimal or frequent, either way, know that it is vital.

Since moving to DIS, the PTA has raised over $35,000 which has been used to sponsor student programming, provide scholarships and enrich the lives of our students in many ways. Over $16,600 was spent on student programing, activities and rewards programs such as the Halloween Party, the BMX Bike Show, Sky Zone, the Summer Reading Program, Field Day and much more. $8,000 was used to purchase new computers for the school. And approximately $2,000 was awarded for teacher grants and staff appreciation. The DIS PTA also provided $8,000 in scholarships and donations for students going on the sixth grade Mohican trip and graduating seniors.

I am honored to serve as President again this year and I encourage you to reach out to either me or to our new Principal, Mr. Alex Fleming with ideas to make this a great school year. Thank you!

Delicia OstrowskI
DIS PTA President 2016-2017

Westlake City Schools District