Citizens Advisory Committee

Impacting through research of key issues and recommendations to the Board of Education for the benefit of students and our community.

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Chairperson Tom Horwitz
Vice Chairperson Mary Essig
Secretary Ginette Laraway

 Our Mission

The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) was established over 40 years ago as a voluntary advisory committee to the Westlake Board of Education.  (BOE Policy KC)  As such, it is comprised of a diverse group of Westlake residents and community representatives.   
The CAC focuses on ways to continually enhance all aspects of education for students in the Westlake City Schools.  Our mission is to serve the Westlake community, the Westlake City Schools and the Board of Education as a visible and proactive link between these interdependent parties.



 Examples and Opportunities

Over the years, many dedicated volunteers have assisted the Board of Education through comprehensive investigation and recommendations related to increasing the healthiness of school lunches in all the schools, a delayed starting time for the high school, and contributing to the implementation of the Service Learning Program for the high school. Please visit our archives to see examples of present and past reports and meeting notes.


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