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Freevibe: A web site  for teens


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Above the Influence


Bad Advertising


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The Singing Cowboy


Brain on Drugs




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National Institute on Drug Abuse


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Internet Safety & Cyber Predator Awareness


Partnership for a Drug Free America


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Drug Abuse Resistance Education


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Welcome to the Westlake D.A.R.E.  Web Site


Hosted by the Westlake City Schools & Lee Burneson Middle School


On this site you will find links to information about Drugs & Drug Abuse.

As well as information about D.A.R.E.

If you need any additional information you may use the link to the left to

E-mail me


Thanks for visiting


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Officer Ken Delfing

 Westlake Police Dept.






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Remember to Thank a Vet.


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Golden Retrievers


My Anti-Drug